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G a l l e r y

L i n k s

B i o




          The kingfisher is not often seen in Arizona but does occur along streams and rivers. It is one of only two small birds that dive headfirst into the water to catch fish, using their large, sharp beaks. The most common kingfisher in Arizona is the Belted Kingfisher, but in southeastern Arizona one might, if lucky, see the smaller and rare Green Kingfisher. The call of the Belted Kingfisher is a kind of sustained cackle, reminding us that it is related the the Kookaburra of Australia. As in the other two prints in this bird series I used a new technique to compensate for the tremor in my drawing hand. Instead of drawing each color overlay in ink, I cut the desired shapes out of heavy paper with an exacto knife and tape them to the transparent overlay I make for each color.