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G a l l e r y

L i n k s

B i o




          Most Native American tribes conceived the world to be full of nature spirits, with each important animal and plant, as well as forces of nature, having its own identity as a spirit. These spirits could communicate with people in various ways, and in doing so could either appear in their natural form, or in human form. This concept of transformation informs much of my artistic work.

          The squirrel is not only an interesting subject in its own right, but is also of special interest to me. I am descended from a Chickasaw leader named “Squirrel King” who led a band of followers from northern Mississippi to South Carolina in the early 1700’s. Many of the southeastern tribes saw the squirrel as a feisty creature, and the spirit of squirrel was often invoked by warriors.

          The squirrel I depict here is the Arizona Grey Squirrel, against a background of sycamore and maple leaves.