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L i n k s

B i o


          White-Winged Dove

Since I taught Native American art and culture for a quarter century my art almost necessarily reflects that interest. I am also fond of the art deco styles that surrounded me when I was a small child. In much of my art I have blended the essence of these two styles.

          The concept of the kachina permeates the world as seen by Southwest Indians. In its broadest sense the word refers to a large array of spirit beings that can present themselves to humans as the plant, animal or natural force they represent or in human form. In my Canyon Spirits series I have portrayed this transformational quality in the kachina figures that accompany the plants or animals featured. The kachinas represented are not those of any particular tribe, but rather generalized spirit beings of the Southwest.

          The white-winged dove is the largest of the common doves of southern Arizona, and the most visually attractive. It is not terribly distinguished while on the ground, but when it explodes into flight its tail and wings exhibit the strong contrast between dark grey and white that give the bird its name. We have a pair nesting in the cedar tree in front of our house.